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Last updated 17-Jun-17

Expedition 10

For Windows 7, 8 or 10.


With C-MAP MAX, RNC and ENC charting.

v10.6.1 4D

With C-MAP 4D, RNC and ENC charting.

It is recommended that WWD303 - More Free Base Maps are installed.

C-MAP 4D charting requires Maps Manager, OpenGL support and Internet Explorer 8 or higher. See the graphics driver links below. Please confirm Exp4D works with your computer's graphics before purchasing C-MAP 4D charts. 4D may not work with GeForce graphics processors.


Windows 7 requires SP1 and the Platform Update for Windows 7.

Expedition mirror site.

Marks - use at own risk

San Francisco - YRA Marks


Winning Tides. Click 'Waypoint download' and import Expedition marks 2011 - Alphabetical v2.csv.

SCRA - marks in GPX format.

Sample log files

San Francisco


USB drivers


WeatherNet 4.07


Maps Manager

Maps Manager 2.16.7 is required by Expedition 4D. Maps manager will be automatically updated if an internet connection is available.

MapsManager Updater, normally automatically downloaded by the C-Map 4D system.


Handbook page 1 and page 2 - description and presentation of objects on C-MAP NT+ and MAX electronic charts.

NT+/MAX Drivers

Multimedia reader USB 2.0 driver - orange USB2 C-MAP reader
Multimedia reader USB driver - orange USB C-MAP reader
USB reader driver - old gray C-MAP USB reader
FP card reader
Eutron dongle

Graphics drivers

Expedition uses your computer's graphics hardware and requires support from the graphics drivers for optimum performance. Graphics drivers that are supplied with Microsoft Windows or that are downloaded from Windows Update typically are not the latest supplied by the hardware manufacturers.


Intel Graphics drivers
Intel Graphics drivers FAQ
Intel Graphics drivers support


NVidia OpenGL driver support
GeForce drivers


AMD Driver autodetect
AMD Graphics Driver and Software


Service packs

Windows 7 SP1
Windows 7 Platform Update

Fix it
Fix it uninstall

vcredist_x86.exe 2017 - used by Expedition

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